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Essay Paper

Essay papers make up the bigger bulk of informal assessments conducted on students during most continuous assessments which seek to determine how well they may have grasped the concepts that have been taught in class. The essays finally do make up part of the final grade that each student attains at the end of the study session. Thus any essay paper done should be given utmost keenness and concentration that it deserves, because it finally matters and will determine how well one can perform in any subject or unit of study.

For an essay to be complete and proficiently done there are a few things that have to be put to consideration and these include writing mechanics, format and organization of the content of the essay in manner that is befitting to the type of topic and subject under highlight. Firstly, the author of any essay paper should ensure that the sentence structure is well organized and the spellings, punctuations and format should all be rightly done in order to fulfill the mechanics of writing requirements. Additionally, a well written essay should have the following parts an abstract, introduction, thesis statement, the body of the essay and finally the conclusion.

The abstract is a portion of the essay paper that concisely highlights the whole document in a summary mode. The abstract makes a summary of the whole essay and serves the purpose of informing the readership what the essay is all about before they can go into the reading of the essay. In a nutshell a reader should be able to tell what the essay paper is all about after reading the abstract. The abstract is then followed by the introduction section of the essay paper.

The essay paper’s introduction tells about the origin of the topic under highlight through a brief introduction meant to familiarize the readers with what is to be covered within the essay paper. This section of the essay paper is then followed by the thesis statement which states the central argument, theme, and postulation, point of contention or question that is under highlight.

The thesis statement may be set out apart if the paper is lengthy, but in most instances involving shorter pieces of essay paper the thesis is included at the end of the introduction section and takes up the position of the last statement. It shows the major reason why the paper has been written and how it will be handled. If the thesis statement holds an hypothesis or question, then the question is what is supposed to be answered at the end of the paper and the hypothesis is what is supposed to be proven wrong or right at the end of the paper.

The next section is the main body of the essay paper. This part of the essay paper highlights the main content of what is supposed to be discussed. This is the most important section of the essay and the author of the essay should make sure that s/he is clear about whatever s/he puts down on this section of the paper. Much of the scores awarded may particularly focus on this section. Finally, the paper is concluded by the conclusion. The conclusion section wraps up the whole essay by answering the posed question or proving or disapproving the hypothesis. It also offers recommendations on the whole discussed issue.

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