Essays are academic writings that are done by high school students and graduates. They are part of the continuous assessment tests that students undergo to determine whether they have understood the subject of discussion. It is therefore important that students are well equipped with the skills necessary to write the essay. Custom essay have a strict format and with a little bit of practice student in need of the knowledge will learn how to write the essay.

First the custom essay has three main segments, the introduction, the discussion and the body. Every essay begins with an introduction which gives a preview of the topic that will be discussed in the custom essay. Selection of the topic is therefore essential to ensure that the work is exhaustively done. Student should select a topic that they are familiar with. In many instances students who write custom essays write essays that are related to their field of study. The topic should neither be too broad or too narrow.

An essay with a topic that is too broad will not effectively be covered and will have many loopholes. On the other hand a topic that is too narrow will be less detailed and may in many instances not produce a custom essay that is worth the academic level that the student desires to portray. Once the topic is selected the introduction part of the custom essay involves the writing of the thesis statement indicating support or a fact that you wish to discuss in the topic.

The second segment is the discussion. The discussion segment is the main and most important part of the custom essay. In every custom essay there must be a discussion segment where all the main points have been discussed. The main points are then supported using the sub points. In every custom essay, the main points are supported by the sub points. By the time the student is done with the discussion segment he/she should have passed across the points that he or she desired to convey.

Data is also given at this segment of the essay as more evidence for the topic of discussion. The student should keep in mind the thesis statement of the custom essay so that he/she does not lose track of what he/she is talking about. Relevance is therefore important. Ensure that the main points are not only related to the topic but also the thesis statement that you took once you began to write on the topic..

The last segment is the conclusion paragraph. The conclusion is a summary of the ideas and main points that have been discussed in the essay. Custom essays must have a concluding paragraph. It is an indication of the writer winding up the discussion. The thesis statement is then restated for purpose of emphasis.

Once the writing is complete student should ensure that they have proof read the work for errors and omissions.  A custom essay that is full of essay will lead to failure. It is also crucial to write a details reference to indicate all the work cited sources that you have used. Plagiarism is  grievous crime in writing and it is therefore essential to give credit where it is due to avoid it.

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